Genre: Magical Realism, Folklore, Historical fiction   Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia is an interesting mashup
Title: 5 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Author: Maurice Barkley Genre: Mystery Publication Date: Feb 20th, 2018 Format: eBOOK Overall Rating:
  Title: Venators Magic Unleased (Venators #1) Author: Devri Walls Genre: YA, Paranormal Fantasy Publication Date: October 1st, 2016 Format:
Title: Kingshold (The Wildfire Cycle #1) Author: D. P. Woolliscroft Published: April 30th, 2018 Length: 508 pgs Genre: Epic Fantasy
The Rise of Gaia opens on the seventeenth birthday of Terran the main character. It’s supposed to be a fun