Storm Crow (Storm Crow #1) by Kalyn Josephson

The Storm Crow (The ​Storm Crow #1)

Author: Kalyn Josephson || Length: 352 pgs || Genre: Fantasy, YA || Published: 07/19/019 || Sourcebooks Fire ||

I received an advanced finished copy of Storm Crow at Bookcon 2019, it’s a YA, Fantasy novel and author Kalyn Josephson’s debut novel. The story takes place in the Kythra, which is split into five Kingdoms Trendell, Jindae, Korovi, Rhodaire, and Illucia.  The night, things are supposed to change for the better, Anthia’s world instead becomes a nightmare. Illucia invades Rhodaire. Anthia’s mother, the queen and her aunt Estrel the master of crows are murdered during the invasion along with the entire flock of magical crows who are such an integral part of the Rhodairen way of life.

Rhodaire survives the invasion and manages to push the Illucian’s back to their borders, but things remain tenuous. But Razel Illucia’s warrior queen is cruel, vicious, and calculating. She demands that Rhodaire and Illucia be joined through a union between Anthia and her Son Ericen. Anthia’s older sister Caliza became the queen of Rhodaire following the invasion, feeling cornered she agrees to the union for the sake of Rhodaire. The Prince of Illucia has a reputation for cruelty, and when he and Anthia meet they clash immediately. But Ericen’s character is complex, and it’s quite a while before Anthia can discern his true nature and motivation.

Storm Crow follows your typical YA, Fantasy conquered Kingdom, rebellion trope, and the fact that it has been done and done again doesn’t make this novel any less amazing. I enjoyed the characterization and development of the relationships between the characters.

Anthia is our protagonist,  a princess, but she’s isn’t the future queen instead, she’s sister to the future heir. Anthia has a complicated relationship with her mom, which is also pretty typical; she’s also fiery heir, stubborn, misunderstood, and determined to prove herself. Many of the supporting character’s are amazing as well, and Their complexity makes Storm Crow a fantastic read.

Caliza, Anthia’s sister became queen far sooner than she ever expected, struggling to make the right directions for her kingdom and her family, the relationship between the two sisters, is strained by duty.

Kiva is Anthia’s best friend, a warrior, and a protector, and there are so many more. Even Ericen’s character, laden with complex layers of personality is hard not to like him, both for the reader and Anthia. Caylus, an inventor who Anthia’s befriends is also multifaceted.  Auma the Jindae servant who has stolen Kiva’s heart is more than she seems.

The villain Razel, the queen of Illucia, would’ve made an amazing heroine. I don’t think I’ve ever thought that of a villain before. Razel earns your hate and demands your respect. I get the impression that there’s much more to learn about her character going forward or near the conclusion of series. There’s also much yet to learn about the origins of the animosity between the two Kingdoms.

 The originality of the Crows and their magic was remarkable, it’s hard to imagine a crow as a cute creature, but Josephon manages to impress to the reader through, sweet, endearing Resyries, Anthia’s newly hatched crow. Resyries is a massive cuteness overload.

I long for more of the story the book ended way too soon. I read Storm Crow in one sitting; it falls into the category of un-put-downable books. The release of Kingdom of Ash brought a conclusion to the epic Thrones of Glass YA fantasy series by Sarah J. Maas. I think Storm Crow is perfectly poised to fill the void left by it’s ending. Kalyn Josephson’s Storm Crow series is the next Shining star in the YA Fantasy world.

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