The WriteReads Ultimate Blog Tour – Michael K. Hill – A Different Time

The WriteReads Ultimate Blog Tour – Michael K. Hill – A Different Time

A Different Time By Michael K. Hill is one of those books you start reading and immediately wonder whether or not it’s going to be a total cliché. While the book does have it’s cliché moments things don’t quite unfold how you expect them to in the end. Michaels tells us a story anyone can enjoy a love story with a Nicholas Sparks vibe that’s also an ode to classic literature, 80’s tech and the amazing world of comics.

Our main characters are Lindsey and Keith.  These two lonely misunderstood lovers connect over space and time (literally). Some unknown force connects them when they both seem to be needing support the most.

 Both characters are lonely and trapped by the circumstances of life, but they encourage each other to nurture the best parts of themselves. They fall in love despite the enormity of the things separating them. Keith makes Lindsey a promise that he will find her no matter what and he keeps that promise, but things didn’t end the way I anticipated.

A Different Time is a story that gets better with each line. I’ll be the first to admit I was skeptical of the story at first, but in the eventually, I became, so emotionally invested in the lives of the characters and the outcome of the story that I was brought to tears at the end.

 A Different Time is a novel that’s worth reading. I highly recommended it for romance fans or anyone in need of a good cry.