The WriteReads Ultimate Blog Tour – Devils Apprentice By Kenneth B. Andersen – Audiobook

The WriteReads Ultimate Blog Tour – Devils Apprentice By Kenneth B. Andersen – Audiobook

I don’t know what I was expecting when I first started listening to the Devil’s Apprentice written by Kenneth B. Andersen, narrated by Jeffrey Kafer. The book is the first in Andersens’ Great Devil War series. Not only was the book a fantastic story to listen to, but Kafer did an excellent job of narrating the tale. Audiobooks aren’t usually my thing, I prefer actually to read books but lately, my lifestyle hasn’t permitted me much reading time.

              I was pleasantly surprised and entertained as I listened to this novel, to and from work, and while cleaning the house. The Devils Apprentice is more than a simple Young adult fantasy novel. The Devils Apprentice is a tale about morality, friendship, and staying true to yourself.

              Our main character is Philip, and he has a kind and gentle nature. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. This young boy, the least likely candidate in the universe to be an apprentice to Satan, falls into the position through a series of unfortunate events. The Devil’s Apprentice is a cautionary tale of what happens when you aren’t true to yourself when you give in to temptation allowing yourself to be lead by the machinations of others.

           I genuinely enjoyed listening to Andersen’s words and Kafer’s narration. The book elicited many laughs out loud moments from me, the novel was original, funny, witty and intelligent and teaching valuable lessons to our young coming of age. If you’re looking for something different that’s also genuinely entertaining, The Devils Apprentice is a great pick. It’s currently available wherever books are sold and free with Amazons Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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