The WriteReads Ultimate Blog Tour – Maurice Barkley – 5 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The WriteReads Ultimate Blog Tour – Maurice Barkley – 5 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Title: 5 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Author: Maurice Barkley

Genre: Mystery

Publication Date: Feb 20th, 2018

Format: eBOOK

Overall Rating: ★★★★★


5 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a novel by Maurice Barkley. The book is a compilation containing 5 Separate Sherlock Holmes adventures. Each short focuses on a specific case. Written from the POV of Holmes trusted companion Mr. Watson; the stories give the reader good insight into the detective’s intellectual processes for crime-solving. Each story is well written, direct and to the point, but is not lacking in originality, plot, or action and the style remains true to the original style of the Sherlock Holmes “franchise.”

I enjoyed reading the stories. Even though this isn’t the type of book I would usually read, I found the stories to be quick and interesting.

My Favorite Quote’s from the book:

◆ The Holborn Toy Shop

▪ “We must now enter the mine in search of our quarry. I must remind you gentlemen, we are at a great disadvantage. The mine is unknown to us whereas the three rats now hide in their own nest.”

◆ The Grosvenor Square Furniture Van

▪ “Yet off they go to the fray armed only with ignorance.”

I would recommend 5 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes to those who love detective and mystery novels. The book is available on Amazon, free for KU subscribers.

The stories can be purchased together in as the compilation, 5 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes or independently as titled below

◆ The Holborn Toy Shop
◆ The Legacy of Dr. Carus
◆ The Train From Plymouth
◆ The White Hall Papers
◆ The Grosvenor Square Furniture Van

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About the Author


Maurice Barkley lives with his wife Marie in a suburb of Rochester, New York. Retired from a career as a commercial artist and builder of treehouses, he is WRITING and busy reinforcing the stereotype of a pesky househusband. Favorite relaxation is throwing peanuts to squirrels, blue jays, cardinals, and chipmunks from his porch. Once, he built a doll hair-making machine using an old sewing machine. It worked, but his wife got tired of making Raggedy Ann dolls, so it sits in the garage.

















The WriteReads Ultimate Blog Tour – Venators: Magic Unleashed By Devri Walls

The WriteReads Ultimate Blog Tour – Venators: Magic Unleashed By Devri Walls


Title: Venators Magic Unleased (Venators #1)

Author: Devri Walls

Genre: YA, Paranormal Fantasy

Publication Date: October 1st, 2016

Format: Audiobook

Rating: ★★★

Venators: Magic Unleashed is a YA, Paranormal Fantasy novel, by Devri Walls. The book’s premise is that supernatural “monsters” come from a parallel world, and Venators who hunt monsters are humans from the other side of the gate. I thought the premise of the story was interesting and original. Several hundred years ago, Supernatural Creatures fled their side of the portal due to turmoil and encountered humans. It was initially thought humans were weak until the Venators came along. Venators are unique humans with particular strengths and instincts, which make them ideal monster hunters; according to the story, Van Helsing was the first Venator. The Venators were welcomed to the other side of the portal, where they became the law and kept the order.  Venators became power-hungry and genocidal and were banished back to the earth side of the portal. Hundreds of years later the council has decided that they need young uninitiated, impressionable Venators to defeat their enemy Zio while restoring order and advancing the council’s personal agenda.

Tate is tasked with traveling to the earth side of the gate to find Venators suitable for the council’s purpose. He finds our main characters Grey and Rune together they beat the odds and make it through the portal, and to the council. Up to this point, everything was going well with the storyline; then the story became a bit ambitious. Grey and Rune decide to go on a mission against the council’s wishes, and against all the odds, they come out victorious.

Rune and Grey have absolutely no training or political acumen; the point that Venators act on instinct is pushed pretty hard. Still, all the innate ability in the world wouldn’t have given Grey and Rune the level of skill necessary to succeed even with help from their allies. That’s my only issue, with the book itself. I thought the action was great, and the writing was good.

Venators is narrated by Daniel Thomas May, who did a great job; some of the voices were a little weird, though. May did a pretty good job with Rune’s voice, but Verida’s voice gave me an odd Antonio Banderas vibe, and Grey’s voice changed permanently to a medium whisper a few chapters into the book through to end, and I had to turn the volume high to hear him. But otherwise, the narration was excellent, especially given the number of characters used.

My overall opinion of the book is that it’s a good choice, whether reading or listening, because it maintains a good balance between world-building, plot, action, and resolution; you shouldn’t hesitate to read it.


The WriteReads Ultimate Blog Tour – Kingshold by D.P. Woolliscroft

The WriteReads Ultimate Blog Tour – Kingshold by D.P. Woolliscroft

Title: Kingshold (The Wildfire Cycle #1)

Author: D. P. Woolliscroft

Published: April 30th, 2018

Length: 508 pgs

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Rating: ★★★★☆

Kingshold is the Debut Novel and first book in the Wildfire Cycle Series by D. P. Woolliscroft. I received the book free in exchange for a review as part of The WriteReads Blog tour. Kingshold is marketed as an Epic Fantasy Novel, but I agree with many of the other bloggers who said the book is more political intrigue than epic fantasy because the magical elements were not an essential part of the story, and the storyline could have continued to the same conclusion had the magical element been removed. The magical scenes contained too much information on the technique and mechanics of the magic and how it worked. Kingshold is a bit wordy at times, with long-winded character introductions that are more like mini prologues that make it a little hard for the reader to keep their focus on the story, while backstory is generally essential I believe it would’ve had a more substantial impact if the information had been revealed organically.

All in all, I’d give the novel 4 out of 5 stars because while the world-building and character introductions bogged down the story for a good portion of its beginning, the quality of the writing is excellent, and I think this book is worth the read. Once all the characters are introduced, and the world-building completed, the story takes shape and the writer keeps the story flowing consistently in a well-balanced cycle of plot, information, and action until the end.

The WriteReads Ultimate Blog Tour –  The Rise of Gaia by Kristin Ward

The WriteReads Ultimate Blog Tour – The Rise of Gaia by Kristin Ward

The Rise of Gaia opens on the seventeenth birthday of Terran the main character. It’s supposed to be a fun and exciting day; instead, it becomes weird and scary. The Rise of Gaia is a book that asks what if.  When Gaia, the spirit of the earth, awakens full of rage against humanity for all their crimes against the planet, Terran must choose a path. So the question is, what if the earth decided to wage war on humanity.

The premise of this story is a good one and I know many of the reviewers on this Blog tour loved it, but the book wasn’t my speed. I couldn’t connect with the author’s voice. I often felt that she missed the mark in regards to the personalities and relationships between her characters.

Some of the relationships between the characters lacked a real connection, seemed hastily written and tenuous at best. I understand every author’s writing style is different, but to accomplish a well-written book is to truly capture the true essence of the character’s personalities and relationships within the story.

I felt the author tried too hard to be descriptive and original; often, the character’s usage of language was inconsistent with that of their age and circumstance, and the writing lacked a consistent style of form and flow in regards to the dialogue.  

When it comes to fiction, how much I enjoy a book is based majorly on the story’s ability to activate my willing suspension of disbelief. For me, The Rise of Gaia did not accomplish that.

The WriteReads Ultimate Blog Tour – The Friday Edition by Betta Ferrendelli

The WriteReads Ultimate Blog Tour – The Friday Edition by Betta Ferrendelli

The Friday Edition by Betta Ferrendelli is my first real mystery novel, I listened to the audiobook and wasn’t disappointed in the story one bit.

The main character Samantha Church, is a woman burdened by the heartache and pain of deep emotional scars. The sudden and unexpected death of her sister Robin on Christmas forces her to face her demons. 

Loaded with more problems than solutions, more questions than answers and enemies too close for comfort Samantha tries to solve what she believes to be Robins murder while trying to keep herself from unraveling.

 This novel is a mystery full of characters with deep emotional scars, some healed, and some raw. I found it interesting  how each character dealt with their pain and how integral to the story each characters pain was. It’s a mystery full of characters who have battled or are still battling internal demons. The story made me think of my own emotional scars.

Sam eventually gets herself together enough to finish Robins’s work and solve the mystery of her death. But in the end, there was one question I could not get off my mind. Why did Sam’s ex-husband Johnathan hold so much contempt for her?

That’s one thing I never really got; I didn’t think the drinking was enough. Jonathan seemed to have a strong hate for her and I couldn’t understand why, it’s something that stayed in the back of my mind throughout the entire book.

I speculate that keeping Samantha at arm’s length and encouraging a strained relationship between her and April made him look like more of a model dad and less suspicious.

In the end, I was satisfied with the conclusion. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading. I was able to share a free copy of the audiobook with a friend via audible and she’s enjoying it as well.

The Friday Edition is the first book in the award-winning Samantha Church mystery series and it is available where ever books are sold.

If you would like to try out the audiobook, you can check it out using the following link through audible It’s totally free and you won’t need a credit card if it is your first time accepting an Audible book from a friend. Get it here:   

After you accept the book, you will be prompted to download the Audible app to start listening.