City of Ghosts (Cassidy Blake #1) by Victoria Schwab a.k.a V.E. Schwab

City of Ghosts (Cassidy Blake #1) by Victoria Schwab a.k.a V.E. Schwab

Title: City of Ghosts (Cassidy Blake #1)
Author: Victoria Schwab a.k.a V.E. Schwab
On Sale Date: August 28, 2018
Ages: 8-12
Grades: 3-7
Length: 304 pgs
Genre: Horror & Ghost Stories, Paranormal, Action & Adventure
Publisher: Scholastic Press

              City of ghost is the first book in Victoria Schwab’s new Cassidy Blake grade school book series. The main Character is Cassidy Blake your average 12-year-old girl, except she can see ghost. Cassidy’s backstory is the cliché brush with death leaves me with the ability to see ghost origin story, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring or unoriginal. I mean how many different ways can a person get that type of ability, you’re either born a medium, or you almost die.

 Cassidy doesn’t understand her powers and is flying by the seat of her pants. She has this ghost radar that goes off when there’s a ghost nearby. Cassidy can also cross into the land of the dead. Jacob is ghost and Cassidy’s best friend, he’s a major supporting character; and aside from being dead he’s just like any other 12-year-old boy, he loves comics and ironically scares easily. There’s some mystery surrounding how Jacob died and some things he’s been keeping from Cass about the day he saved her, and about her powers.

              Then, Of Course, we have Mom & Dad who are sort of background characters they’re utterly clueless about Cass’s powers. They write a paranormal book series. Cassidy’s parents eventually get a deal to turn their books into a show where they travel all over the world visiting haunted places. And that’s when the story begins.

              Cass travels to Edinburgh Scotland with her parents who are shooting the first episode of their show. Edinburgh is ripe with paranormal activity. Edinburgh is where Cassidy meets another girl like her Lara. Lara can also see ghost and travel through the veil.  Lara knows much more about her abilities and their purpose and reluctantly indoctrinates Cass and Jacob into her world.

              The Plot of the story revolves around ghost, dangerous ones who gain power by preying on the living or doing dark deeds. The Major Villian is the Raven lady a distraught ghost who lures children to their icy death during the winter stealing parts of their souls for power. Cassidy trips the Raven Lady’s radar and becomes prey; Cassidy, Jacob, and Lara race against time to keep Cassidy in the land of the living.

             There were many things I loved about the book. One is that the Author managed to capture the essence of the main characters they were perfectly balanced, realistic and believable. The second thing I loved was that the author takes the reader on a tour of Edinburgh’s most famous haunts and landmarks, tossing out a bit of history to go with it.

             The last and equally important things I loved about the book is the writing style. I love that the writing isn’t super basic. I don’t have kids yet. But if I did this is the type of book I’d want them to read. Something interesting, but with a vocabulary that is challenging enough to put the brain to work. I didn’t feel like whoa why I am reading this it’s way beyond my reading level. I felt like wow, even though my reading level is way more advanced than this, the level of writing doesn’t make me feel like I had no business reading the book. City of Ghost is an engaging read which becomes more entrancing as the story reaches its climax.

           Your child may be old to enough to read on their own, but this would also make a good read for quality time with your kids, remember, it’s a bit of a spooky tale.

           I give City of Ghost five out of Five stars. I encourage you to put this book on your child’s reading list. If your kids are into spooky stories and ghostly adventures, City of Ghost is the book for them. Look for this title wherever books are sold Aug 28th 2018.

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